Happy Birthday To Me and My Beau

June 22, 2011

Yesterday was my 41st birthday!  I was very happy to spend it with my two daughters, my boyfriend Ron (yup, boyfriend – it’s official), and his 5yo son.  Funny thing is was Ron’s birthday too!  He turned 38 though … guess you could call it robbing the cradle, but not really.

We all went out to dinner, and Ron was carrying Josie on his shoulders, and as we walked in, a couple turned to us and said, “What a beautiful family you have!”  … Ron didn’t miss a beat and said, “Thanks!  Best 15 years of my life!” which was funny, because we’ve only been together for 2 months.

At dinner, Lila burst out and asked us how we actually met.  I stuttered… what was I going to say? “Well Lila, we met at a bar and I had a one-night stand, and it just took off from there.”  So, I just said, “Ummm… we met at a restaurant.”

Ron piped in and said, “That’s not the whole story though…” He turned to Lila and the other kids and said, “Your mom was out to dinner with a friend, and I saw her across the room and thought she was so beautiful that I had to talk to her. So, I did. When I did, I realized that she was not only beautiful, but smart and funny too, so I had to ask her out! Lucky for me, she said yes! So I asked her out again, and again and again.  And now, I’m totally in love with your mom.”  Wow.  He made our one-night-stand sound so romantic!  Thought I loved him before, but now… I’m head-over-heels.  I hope this never ends.

Last year at my 40th birthday, I didn’t think I could ever possibly feel happy again. Here’s where my head was at just a little over a year ago.  Not to say I’m happy because of Ron, but I’m really happy with him.


11 Responses to “Happy Birthday To Me and My Beau”

  1. Another_Crappy_Guy Says:

    It’s been a while since I read your blog. I am very excited to know that things are working out for you again…..

  2. Things are looking up; life is (once again) good. I agree with marriagecoach1: the corner has been turned. Then again, I agree with the unbridled even if profane enthusiasm of the 2nd comment from anonymous. Yeah with three exclamation marks.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I want a like button for this kind of stuff.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    If nothing else you’ve seen what we all knew all along. Love will find you again. There is always a silver lining up ahead. You just have to believe in yourself and the future. It’s a valuable lesson not only for yourself but to pass on to your daughters. What a difference a year makes. So happy for you! (Sorry for all the cliches but they fit!)

  6. Sounds like you have turned the corner to emotional healing.
    Blessings on you and yours

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