Text I’m Not Sending

May 6, 2011

5/4/11: Hey! I found a 12yo babysitter for tonight. That’s how old you were when your babysitter – I mean girlfriend was born! Oh no – wrong you were 17. Holy shit – you could be her dad!! Hey at least she’s older than your birth mother who accidentally gave birth to an ass hole and made the world a worse place! Hope you have a lovely evening in my house that my family’s money bought!!


4 Responses to “Text I’m Not Sending”

  1. BubbaBelle Says:

    Anonymous – who asked you to read?

    You keep getting the venom out here – best place for it.

    • Yes. I am meeting the girl tomorrow, as she is going to be sleeping over on Monday, as my kids will be. I just want to see for myself that the girl is suitable to be around my children. For their sake, I hope she is!!! I will be civil and kind. and put my best foot forward. At least this girl is not the $40k stripper!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That’s a new low, and you’ve gone pretty low in the past. I’m done reading this blog.

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